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Wizard's Train Station

Welcome my friends,
to Wizard's world of trains. I've enjoyed trains ever
since I was born. (and for a wizard, that is a real long time ago) I grew up in a house that was less than a 100 yards away f rom the Erie Railroad. My house was in the center of two road crossings, so the train would whistle every time it went by my house. It was great, I remember you could feel the train coming, even before the whistle. My desire for trains was fortified when I
received my first Lionel train set when I was just a kid.

The sound of the old steam whistle, ahhhhh, music to my ears.


Photos of a christmas layout that even surprised Santa.

layout pic 1 layout pic 2
layout pic 3 layout pic 4 layout pic 4

Journey to a few of the many railroad sites out on the net.

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For the model railroader, these sites will show that we are not alone.

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