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Dialup Access Number Locator Page

to avoid being billed regional long distance charges.

If you dialing from the 716 Area Code, the numbers are...

  • Tonawanda:  614-1350, 614-1360, 694-4200, 799-0308
  • Buffalo:  819-1350, 819-1360, 517-3033, 517-3129,
  • Niagara Falls:  215-1450, 215-1460, 513-3033, 513-3129,
  • Angola:  780-0050, 780-0060
  • Arcade:  492-7350, 492-7450
  • Barker:  795-0006
  • Boston:  941-8050, 941-8060
  • Cattaraugus:  257-1003
  • Delevan:  492-7350, 492-7450
  • Derby:  562-0150, 562-0160
  • Dunkirk:  203-3450, 203-3460, 952-9008
  • Eden:  992-5050, 992-5060
  • Ellicotville:  699-3001
  • Franklinville:  676-3505
  • Holland:  537-8050, 537-8060
  • Lockport: 280-1350, 280-1360, 514-3033, 514-3129,
  • Medina:  318-3033, 318-3129
  • Olean:  543-3033, 543-3129, 379-0150, 379-0160,
  • Springville:  794-8050, 794-8060, 794-0100
  • Wanakah:  980-8050, 980-8060

If you dialing from the 585 Area Code, the numbers are...

  • Albion Area:  331-3033, 331-8006
  • Albion:  331-3129
  • Batavia:  219-3033, 219-3129, 815-8050, 815-8060,
    344-4936, 344-4937, 815-1006
  • Varysburg:  535-1001
  • Wellsville:  610-3033, 610-3129, 596-0002

to avoid being billed regional long distance charges.

Please note the above phone exchanges very carefully.   Make sure you can call the phone number as a local call.   If you are a Verizon customer and you can call one of the above cities listed locally, then you can call the dial-up numbers listed as a local call.   Only call the exchange of the city that is local to you unless you want to pay regional phone charges.

If you are NOT a Verizon customer (if you are serviced by a small local phone company), then be very careful.  Some of them may not recognize the Tonawanda, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Albion, Angola, Arcade, Auburn, Avon, Barker, Batavia, Bergen, Boston, Brockport, Caledonia, Canandaigua, Cattaraugus, Cortland, Dansville, Delevan, Derby, Dunkirk, Eden, Ellicottville, Franklinville, Geneseo, Geneva, Holland, Ithaca, Leroy, Lockport, Medina, Newark, Olean, Oswego, Pavilion, Penn Yan, Perry, Potsdam, Rochester, Rome, Springville, Syracuse, Utica, Varysburg, Wanakah, Watertown, Wellsville and Wyoming exchanges as being a local call.  If they do not, they will charge you for a long distance charge.   If that is the case, you should complain to your phone company that Verizon customers can call the numbers local, so you should be able to too.

If you are charged for long distance calls when dialing into us, you are responsible for those charges.  Wizard Communication Systems is NOT responsible for any long distance charges you may incur.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance in changing your dial-up phone number, please contact us at:

Phone: 743-0091
Fax: 692-7597

Email: help@wzrd.com

All material, graphics and content on this web site are copyrighted by Wizard Communication Systems, Inc. Wizard Communication Systems, Inc.
2 Main Street      Tonawanda, N.Y.  14150
Phone: 716-743-0091    Fax: 716-629-7597