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Wizard Communication Systems' headquarters is located at 2 Main Street in the City of Tonawanda within a "stones throw" of the Bell Atlantic's Tonawanda Central Office.  Bell Atlantic has a full OC-3 installed in our server room which is used for our T-1 dialup lines and our fiber Internet backbone lines.  The close proximity to the Bell CO ensures us the faster and cleanest connections available.  The OC-3 was installed in the spring of 1999 and is top-of-the-line telecommunications equipment.

Our Dialup Services...

We have over 600 dialup lines split into five separate hunt groups between three separate phone companies for redundancy and because of the compatibility issues with the present day 56K V.90 modem protocols.  The first group of dialup lines connect to the "Lucent" Portmasters for all 56 Kflex and most V.90 and lower speed modems and also allows us to offer ISDN and ISDN-DOV (Data over Voice).  The second group connects to the "3COM" Total Control Units for all 56k X2 and most V.90 and lower speed USR modems. We have recently added the third dialup group colocated out of Rochester, NY with a third phone company to expand our local dialup service to the eastern and north eastern potions of New York State.

We believe in giving the customer the choice of which kind of modem they want to use.  We have also found that some V.90 and lower speed modems do not like the one type of dialup server, but work well with the other type.  This gives the customer twice the chance of getting a good connection with us.

We have expanded our "Local" dialup access to all of Erie and Niagara Counties along with the communities of Medina, Albion, Batavia, Olean, Wellsville, Arcade, and most communities between Rochester, Utica, Syracuse, Rome and Watertown, New York.  Go to our Dialup Locations Page to see the numbers available for local dialup access.

All Internet Providers are not equal...

We  maintain all of our own equipment and our Server Farm includes our own Nameservers, DNS Cache Servers, Authentication Servers, Mail Servers, Webservers with full CGI and Perl support and Frontpage Extensions, Microsoft NT Webservers with Cold Fusion and Frontpage Extensions, News Servers, Network Operation Servers, Portmaster Dialup Servers and Total Control Dialup Servers.  Our network routing is controlled by "Cisco"  routers using a bgp4 multihoming protocol for complete redundancy and 10/100 Mbit switches.

Our Internet backbone is supplied by two of the Leading Internet Tier 1 providers in the country, "Cable & Wireless USA" and "AT&T Worldnet".  which we multihome for advanced redundancy.  This gives our customer the complete redundancy required to ensure that our link to the Internet is always open, even if one of our upstream providers goes down.  

System Security...

We do not take security of our network and our customers data lightly, in fact we place an extra emphasis on it.  More then 90% of our Internet servers utilize the OpenBSD Unix operating system for enhanced network security and performance.  OpenBSD is the most secure  operating system available today in the world.  We monitor the various security update websites from the Internet and update our system as soon as a patch or a solution is announced on a daily basis.  We have also disabled the ability for anyone to use our system for any type of an attack on other networks, Spam relays, IP spoofing or any intolerable behavior.  We backup the data on all of our our servers in case of any type of machine failure.  All of our servers run on battery backup units which will supply us with uninterrupted electrical power for a couple of hours and a gas powered electrical generator for extended power outages if our main power feed is ever interrupted.

Overall Philosophy...

We keep all of our servers updated to the latest secured versions of each operating system, security releases and hardware to ensure our customers Internet access is the best available.  We monitor the complete system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and perform daily maintenance on the machines for complete reliability.  We can't ever promise a computer will not breakdown or that we will not have some kind of system problems, but then no one can make that statement honestly.

The whole Internet is dependant on machines and machine will break down once in a while.  What we can promise and we do, is that we will always maintain our system vigilantly and if a breakdown does occur, we will be working on the problem within minutes of the breakdown.

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